About the Author

The Keys of Ra is written under the pseudonym of AnkhSenAmun, the queen of Egypt who ruled with her husband, NebKheperuRe (TutAnkhAmon). Her name means "Life from the Hidden One". Her reign was cut short by the untimely death, and possibly murder, of her famous husband. Not having had a chance to rule her people, her name was chosen to put on this work so that she could help us to bring the world-view of her people to the present day world.

About the Scribe

This work is registered with the Library of Congress under the name, Constance Ann Trillich. (Nov 12, 1999)

Having a life-long interest in exploring the secrets of Ancient Egypt, Constance Trillich used her research skills as a university librarian and experience as a pastoral counselor to put together a system of hieroglyphs on cards meant to be used as a language of symbols for communication between the conscious self and the higher selves. Writing under the pen name of one of the most famous queens of Ancient Egypt, Constance presents this system to the modern world as a means of recreating the peaceful mind-set of a nation that lasted for thousands of years and is the origin of Western Civilization on this planet. Having had careers in university librarianship, teaching at the university level, practicing law, and being an ordained minister, Constance is currently an Internet designer of over 100 websites, the newest medium of broadcasting worldwide.

Similar Works: the Natur Djed card deck kit pairs a 56-card deck with a manual of interpretation. There is an additional professional manual for readers and spiritual teachers with more information, including extra layouts, crystal and gemstone information, and spiritual and physical properties of herbs associated with each card. You may find more information about the Natur Djed card deck kit by clicking here.

Prior Works: Constance has written articles for several metaphysical magazines of local distribution in Florida. She was a paid researcher for Bill Guggenheim in his After Death Communication Project that was the basis of his book, "Hello From Heaven" (see www.afterdeath.com). Constance also wrote and self-published four teaching manuals on Reiki (1990-1992).

Future Works: as research progresses, other Keys will be compiled into a manual to be used in teaching further aspects of Ancient Egyptian philosophy.